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The new, smart way to earn in 2019! New, affordable health care options have just exploded into the marketplace.

Alternative health plan options from United Healthcare, National General, OneShare Health, and more.  Our powerful technology allows you to participate and earn hansomely!

  • Refer clients.  Make money.
  • Refer other brokers.  Make money from sales generated by their clients.
  • No contract needed.
  • Participate for FREE.
Dramatically expand your earning capabilities by partnering with  Simply register to create your free broker portal.  Refer clients, friends, even other brokers.  We'll take it from there.  All business generated will display in your personal broker portal.  It's easy to track all sales.  You get paid automatically.  There is nothing quite like it!  Get started now.  You have everything to gain.

An Enormous New Market
Recent legislation has created a new generation of government approved health care plans that are 50% to 75% less expensive than the health plans that are currently available to consumers.  This dramatic premium reduction is creating a seismic shift in the health insurance market.  In addition, new alternative health sharing plans are now available to consumers.  These new alternative plans are now an exponential increasing segment of the health plan market.

Millions of Americans straining to keep up with ever rising health care premiums.  Millions more have given up entirely, and are going without coverage, hoping that nothing occurs that would require serious medical care.  For all of them, these innovative new options are a lifesaver.

Short-term health insurance is not for everyone, but thanks to recent rule changes, these new plans are a good fit for an exponentially increasing group of consumers.  These new plan options are here to stay. is a leader in this burgeoning market.  We would like to partner with you.

  • Amazing compensation levels. (view and register)
  • Straight-forward, transparent, trackable compensation.
  • Super easy to participate.

  • New short-term health insurance plans.
  • New health sharing plans.
  • Medicare Supplement health insurance (optional).
Up to 5 ways to receive compensation:

  • Compensation from short-term health insurance sales.
  • Compensation from alternative health sharing plan sales.
  • Compensation from business overrides from other referred agents.
  • Compensation from visitors clicking through to the site.
  • Compensation from Medicare Supplement insurance sales (optional).
A market that is growing exponentially.  Don't miss it!